Coconut Water


Label redesign by understanding the client's brief


Package design, Print


Cinema 4D, Illustrator


The company, La Cena, was first founded in Cuba and grew its way to the United States in the 1960s. In a 3,000 sq ft small loft in Brooklyn, New York, the volume of business made expansion necessary and moved to 12,000 sq ft in the Bronx. The brand is expanding outside of New Jersey and has found a new home in Atlanta and has been growing their distribution of their brands. Today, La Cena is a well–established, highly accepted and recognized brand.

Design Rationale

I emphasized the natural characteristic of coconut (e.g. texture of the skin) and how coconut grows with typography, color, and storytelling. The distinct typography and visual graphics convey the impression of quality and modernity.


Visual Design


Package Design