Forky and Karen


Functional package redesign with a sustainable method


Package design, Print


Cinema 4D, Illustrator


This is a toy package for Disney and Pixar characters, Forky and Karen. I focused on creating a package that can be used again as a set or a part of the collectible.

Forky and Karen

Forky’s first appearance is in Toy Story 4, which was released in June 2019. Before he became Forky, he was just a plain spork until Bonnie made him into Forky.


Market Research

Different versions of this character are sold at Amazon, Target, Party City, and Walmart; stores that are easily accessible to customers in the range of young children (kids) to adults (parents). The price range is from $13–20. The company aims to maintain its brand identity to entertain and inspire people around the globe through the power of unparalleled storytelling.

Design Rationale

I aimed to create a packaging with a see through hole, a theme of 'Lunch Box' that the user can carry around school or picnic on a sunny summer day, and illustrative design that is less dependent on the logo.


Visual Design

Package Design


Sticker Design

This is a set of stickers to collect or decorate the package.



This is a footer where the figurines would stand and hold their standing positions. It is located on the bottom of the package inside